The European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF), in light of the LIFE+ Climagri project organizes the ‘Best Agricultural Practices: Linking Climate Change mitigation and adaptation with CAP’ workshop. LIFE+ Climagri proposes a series of Best Agricultural Practices to be implemented in accordance with the main objectives of the new Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and that will be presented in this event.

This workshop is jointly hosted by three Members of the European Parliament:

  • MEP Clara Aguilera, Vice-Chair of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament. Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament; Spain.
  • MEP Annie Schreijer-Pierik, Member of the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament and Substitute of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development. Group of the European People’s Party; Netherlands.
  • MEP Ivan Jakovčić, Member of the Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of the European Parliament. Group of the Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe; Croatia.

The event will focus on subjects of great interest in the development of the new CAP and will take place at a time when deliberations regarding the CAP reform are in full swing. The discussions held at this event will offer a great opportunity to voice out your opinion due to the forum, the topic and the appropriate time.

Simultaneous multi-language translation is also provided throughout the event. Translations offered include: English to Spanish, Spanish to English, Portuguese to English & Spanish, and Italian to English & Spanish.

As the venue is a room at the European Parliament with limited capacity and the access to the building is restricted we strongly recommend you to register to the event as soon as possible.

Below you can see more info about the workshop such as the program or the registration form, among other issues.


European Parliament (BRUSSELS).
Room: Paul-Henri Spaak Building. P4B001

Simultaneous interpretation will be provided from English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian into English and Spanish.

Time: 13:45 (Registration at the entrance of the European Parliament. The event will start at 14:30).

  • 07 Nov 2018
  • European Parliament.
    Paul-Henri Spaak Building.
    Room P4B001.
13:45 - 14:30
14:30 - 14:50
  • European Parliament
    MEP Clara E. Aguilera-García
  • European Parliament
    MEP Annie Schreijer-Pierik
  • European Parliament
    MEP Ivan Jakovčić
  • European Commission, DG ENV (LIFE Unit)
    Jean-Claude Merciol (Head of LIFE Unit)
  • ECAF
    Gottlieb Basch (President of ECAF)
14:50 - 15:25 Chair person: Ricardo Serra (Member of the EESC)
Sustainable Agriculture practices for Climate Change mitigation and adaptation
  • Introduction to Conservation Agriculture - core principles, worldwide spread and key deliverables
    Amir Kassam
  • Agriculture as a mean to mitigate CC- saving energy and sequestering GHGs in soils
    Emilio J. González Sánchez
  • Improving resources management to adapt European agriculture to CC
    Ignacio J. Lorite-Torres
15:25 - 15:55 Chair person: Pekka Pesonen (Secretary General of COPA-COGECA)
Climate Action and agriculture within European and global policy frameworks
  • Linking Climate mitigation and adaptation in the new CAP framework
    Peter Wehrheim (EC-Member of Cabinet of Commissioner Phil Hogan)
  • The role of Agriculture in the UNFCCC
    European Commission-Climate Action and Energy
15:55 - 16:10
16:10 - 16:20

16:20 - 16:55 Chair person: Representative of LIFE (TBD)
Farmers session: Applicability of Climagri Best Management Practices
  • Introduction to the Climagri platform.
    Antonio Holgado-Cabrera
  • Farm experience in Greece.
    Christos Kavalaris
  • Farm experience in Italy.
    Giusseppe Elias
  • Farm experience in Portugal.
    Pedro d'Orey
  • Farm experience in Spain.
    Rafael Calleja
  • Farm experience in Germany.
    Oliver Martin
16:55 - 17:10 Chair person: Representative of LIFE (TBD)
Networking session
  • LIFE as catalyst of sustainability improvements in the farming sector.
    José Fernando Robles-del Salto
  • INSPIA: Measuring European farms sustainability
    Paula Triviño-Tarradas
17:10 - 17:25
17:25 - 17:30 Gottlieb Basch
Closing remarks
Co-hosted by

MEP Clara Aguilera

MEP Clara Aguilera

MEP Annie Schreijer-Pierik

MEP Annie Schreijer-Pierik

MEP Ivan Jakovčić

MEP Ivan Jakovčić


Registration for this event is compulsory as the capacity is limited and access to the European Parliament restricted. You can register by filling in the following form.


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